Fundamental Philosophy

Established in 2012, Fundamental Worldwide began with big dreams and a clear vision – to help charities in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe deliver on their incredible ambitions.

In connecting people with the extraordinary work of our charity partners, we seek to lay the foundations for a long-term, rewarding relationship – creating global change one sign-up at a time.

Our ethical values are our driving force, alongside our focus on best-practice, compliant fundraising. From the way in which we fundraise to how we run our organisation and manage our teams. In providing a first-rate supporter experience and maximising the long-term impact for charity partners, that ethos underpins everything we do.

We are:

  • Accurate in how we describe each charity’s work
  • Honest about the intended use of any donation
  • Respectful of our donors and beneficiaries

We do:

  • Work proactively with charity partners to ensure maximum return on investment
  • Provide full training and mentoring for our teams
  • Insist on compliance with the FIA code in everything we do

We do not:

  • Present unrealistic expectations of what donations can achieve
  • Press donors to give more/in a different way than they are comfortable with
  • Take our responsibility for public trust lightly.